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    We dry clean everything from drapes and wedding dresses to clothing such as suits, shirts, ties and skirts. We clean all types of material such as silk, polyester, cotton, and rayon; and even leather, fur, and other animal skins. We also do stain removal for stubborn stains.

    We check for tears, wearing, loose or missing buttons and mark for existing stains for pre spotting.

    There are hundreds of different fabrics in the world today. Each has its own chemical makeup, and what is used is critical. The trained eye of the spotter has to fully understand which of twenty plus products to use on the garment and what degree of steam and vacuum is required.

    Once the garments are ready for dry cleaning, they are sorted by colour and fabric content and placed in the DC machine.

    Another thing that sets SMARTY PANTS Dry Cleaners apart is that we do complete our garments. Loose or missing buttons and loose hems are fixed at no cost. If there is a problem needing your evaluation, we simply call and ask your permission.

    We have the best Finishers. Remember, our job is not to just clean your clothes, our real job is to make you look and feel good. Seams and collars are perfectly pressed and all required creases are done properly. All garments are hand-finished.

    This is the final step. Once it gets here, our staff member will do the final inspection and makes sure everything is as perfect as we can make it. Those tiny visual strings are removed and the article is surrounded in a poly envelope.


  • Shirt Service


    Smarty pants Dry Cleaners launder all types of shirts. With the convenience and superior level of pressing that comes with commercial laundry, The shirts are checked for stains and other faults to ensure the best cleaning process is used.

    Where necessary, the shirts will be starched to leave a perfectly white finish or treated to ensure that your coloured shirts do not lose any of its sheen or its colour. Each shirt is hand finished and missing buttons replaced to ensure a perfect end result so you can wear our laundered shirts with total confidence.[/responsivevoice]

  • Laundry

    Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Laundry Service


    At Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners we process underwear, socks, cotton pants, sheets, and other items that need to be wet cleaned. So if you have a stressful job or need more time for yourself, contact Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners to launder all of your clothes, sheets, napkins etc. You will not just look great but you will feel even better when you find out how inexpensive our laundry service is. We offer different ways to finish the items. Each item is pre-treated for soil or stains as needed. Items are categorised for temperature and starch, and we will soak individual items when required. And to ensure that the best results, our Staff Members will hand finish all items and no items will leave our premises until they are satisfied that your items meet our quality guidelines.

  • Leather & Suede

    Picture of  Suede jacket for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Leather and Suede Services

    Leather and suede garments are an investment which should be cleaned by skilled professionals. Routine cleaning is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather products. A complete cleaning twice a year, followed by a conditioner and protectant, will maintain the finish and increase durability.

    A crucial part of successful leather cleaning is the removal of oil stains and residues such as those found on collars. Part of the removal process involves the loss of natural oils. These oils must be replaced.

    At Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners, we contract with the most up-to-date service in London to handle the most difficult stain removal and colour restoration possible. Athletic jackets, coats, vests, skirts, pants, furs, and shearlings are cleaned, re-oiled and refinished. Our professional leather care specialists also include the careful restoration of colour and texture that can be lost as a natural consequence of the cleaning process.

  • Curtains

    Picture of Curtains for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Curtain Cleaning Service

    At Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners, our only goal for 25+ years has been satisfying you, the customer. Our experience and pride has built us an outstanding reputation among our clientele. We use only the finest products and cleaning methods on your Curtains..

    If your Curtains show signs of dirt, stains, mildew, grime, smoke or have a "funny" smell, bring them in. It's time for them to be cleaned by SMARTY PANTS Dry Cleaners, an expert in curtains.

  • Silk Specialists

    Picture of Silk for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Silk Cleaning Services

    Silk is a natural and strong fibre ,yet fragile and delicate. The safest way to clean silk is by dry cleaning ,Washing can be an option for some garments but may cause extreme colour loss and wrinkling. Perspiration, perfume and sun fading are a few problems that may adversely affect the silk. Never wipe a stain or rinse with water for this could cause permanent damage to the garment. Silk requires extra care to help retain its full beauty.

    Our Staff members at Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners can return a silk garment to a “like new” appearance, with a procedure called “mineral bath”. There is a degree of colour loss in all silk so we ensure that we clean all pieces of an outfit to maintain unity.

    Through proper cleaning and stain removal techniques, SMARTY PANTS Dry Cleaners will extend the life of your silk garment and making sure that it will look stunning for a long time into the future. For Silk we are The Specialist Dry Cleaners you can trust.

  • Prom Dresses

    Dry cleaning can extend the life of your prom dress.

    With proper care, handling and cleaning of your dress it will maintain a fresh appearance longer, while colour fading will be minimized. The life of fabric will be extended, making your purchase last longer.

    If you get a stain on your dress, deal with the stain as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more time the stain has to soak in and/or dry, making it more difficult to remove.

    Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners can identify what caused the stain, using our specialist analysis techniques, and then treat it with the appropriate cleaning solutions, restoring your prom dress to a beautiful condition.

  • Wedding Services

    Picture of Wedding Gown for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Wedding Services

    We offer a complete dry cleaning service for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and groom suits.

    We use specialist analysis techniques to identify stains and residues so that we can carry out the right treatment, cleaning and preservation techniques so your dress can be preserved in prestine condition for years to come.

    For more information, please see our wedding services page.

  • Fur

    We provide expert fur coat cleaning, fur coat conditioning services, leathers coat cleaning, leather coat conditioning, shearling coat cleaning and shearlings coat conditioning. We also expertly clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats and most specialty outerwear.

    After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your fur coat shearlings coat and other valuables.

    Our processes will help preserve them, extending their life span and assuring you years of enjoyment. Bring your garment into SMARTY PANTS DRYCLEANERS- for a free inspection today! We will gladly service items you have purchased elsewhere.

    It is extremely important to condition your fur garments, using our uniquely developed processes which include: expert inspection and fur cleaning, the proper removing of stains from linings, cleaning and replacement of essential oils, lustrous glazing of your garment, followed by our critical final pre-delivery inspection.

    We look forward to providing you with our superior services. Bring your garments for a free examination.

  • Bed Linen

    Picture of Bed Linen for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Bed Linen Cleaning Services

    SMARTY PANTS Dry Cleaners offer an exclusive Bed Linen Service which includes stain removal, cleaning, hand pressing, minor mending, inspection and packaging. The service ensures that your whites are brightened and your coloured bed linen retain their true colours. Bed linens are bundled in sets to make changing beds as easy as possible. Packaging on hangers is optional.

    Silk and linen sheets must be processed by our Executive Service as they require extensive hand finishing. Only cotton and cotton/synthetic fibre blend linens will be processed by our Traditional Bed Linen Service. We also require that high thread count linens (600+) and highly detailed linens be processed by our Executive Service, as these sheets also require extensive hand care. Our Executive Service provide professional cleaning of fine table and bed linens and finished with expert hand pressing.

  • Tailoring & Alterations

    Picture of Tailoring equipment for Portsmouth Dry Cleaners Tailoring and Alteration Services

    Alterations can make the difference between a garment that looks OK and one that looks great on you. Our fitters and tailors have extensive knowledge about altering shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, suits, and outerwear made from any material including leather, suede, fur, cotton or synthetic. Our alterations are of the highest quality, and you can rest assured that we will have it ready for when you need it.

    If you want a perfect fit from the start, choose our bespoke tailoring for that ultimate fit, comfort and style. Our competitive pricing means it is probably not as expensive or unaffordable as you may think please contact us. Our tailoring staff is extensively trained to perform major alterations including recuts (for coats and pants), sides and blades, as well as resizing dresses.

    They will replace zippers, shorten sleeves, repair straps, re-sew buttons, shorten or lengthen hems, or anything that you wish to be altered or repaired Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners are renowned for our immaculate attention to detail and professional service.

  • Evening Wear

    Evening wear can cost several thousand pounds. You wouldn't want anybody but the best and professional dry cleaner to treat them.

    We at Smarty Pants Dry Cleaners are specialists in cleaning beaded and formal gowns. We take great care in cleaning and finishing each gown. We pre-spot these garments and put each one individually into a net to be cleaned. We dry clean all our evening wear in Hydrocarbon, as this is a very gentle petroleum based solvent and enables us to process high fashion garments with beads and decorative trims. After cleaning, the gowns are hung in order to air dry.

    We offer different ways to finish the items. Each item is pre-treated for soil or stains as needed. Items are categorised for temperature and starch, and we will soak individual items when required. Once dry, each dress is hand pressed, then we make any necessary repairs and tighten any beads that might have come loose during the cleaning process. Lastly, we fully stuff each dress with tissue, so it will retain its shape.